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Patio Repair and Restoration by Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service

Restoration for Your Patio

Patios are a home renovation with one of the highest returns on investment out there. For a few thousand dollars, you add so much more value to your home while boosting curb appeal and square footage. But what happens when the focal point of your landscaped yard falls into disrepair?

Well, first off, patio fixes tend to be fast and affordable. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief in that respect. But they’re still not something you should do yourself. When you hire a professional team like Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service, you’re hiring our years of experience and the knowledge and tricks we’ve acquired in that time.

Whether the original build was done by us or not, we’re up to the task of fixing any patio out there.

Varied Techniques

Every patio is different. They’re made of different materials, poured differently in the case of concrete, and shaped differently. When designed properly, your patio will suit your home and your home alone. We keep this in mind during any repair process.


Concrete patios are susceptible to staining and sinking over time. An uneven, discolored patio is not very attractive. We’ll patch and level it followed with a resurfacing to make it perfectly smooth. If you’re looking to change it up, this new layer of concrete can be stamped for a complete patio facelift!


Flagstones sink as well, but can also shift due to the spacing between each stone. If your patio is changing shape and plants are popping up through the cracks, it’s time to shake it up a little. We’ll add new mortar between the stones so you won’t be seeing any more weeds.


Pavers were made for patios. They’re versatile and easy to install. But they also sink. We’ll pull out old pavers and re-set them at the proper height. If they’re damaged, we’ll replace them with new ones that match the old pattern.


Bricks are porous, meaning when they’re getting older you’ll see them crack. We can repair or replace—whichever is best for the situation. Any bricks that are pried out will be replaced and tapped back in with a mallet. Just like new!


You won’t notice the problems with a gravel right away. Gravel patios can thin if not packed down very tightly. To fix this, all we need to do is bring in more material.

Don’t Let Your Patio Go To Waste

Investing in a patio repair is always worth it. It’s a quick and affordable process which will make your summer so much more enjoyable. From the initial phone call, your patio restoration could be complete within a matter of days!

Don’t make the best part of your landscape turn into the worst. Rejuvenate it and let it once again become the focal point of your yard and foundation of your summer. Call Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service today and one of our attentive team members will zip over to get you a quote as soon as possible!

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