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Garbage Pail Fence Enclosures

The very best way to keep pests off your property is to create a responsible waste storage strategy. And a great place to start is by investing in a garbage can fence enclosure.

At Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service, we specialize in designing and creating fortified waste enclosures using the industry’s best materials and techniques. Our enclosures are custom made to suit the unique needs of every customer and are governed by the local homeowner’s association.

For more information, or to book a consultation with our experts today, please dial (401) 516-9090.

Understanding the Importance of Outdoor Garbage Storage

Nobody likes to keep their stinky garbage cans in their home or garage throughout the week and leaving your garbage pales outside can cause more significant problems than an unpleasant smell. Waste disposal areas on your residential property, are the perfect space for animal pests to thrive.

Raccoons, rats, and other mammals will have a hay-day breaking into garbage pails that are not adequately protected. Not only will this intrusion cause a mess on your property, but it could lead critters to create nests near or inside your home, close to their new food supply.

The best way to protect your home from intrusion and destruction is to invest in a trash can fence enclosure, and we are happy to help.

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Consult with Our Experts About Garbage Fence Enclosures

When you get in touch with our team, we will set you up with a consultation as soon as possible. During the meeting, we will get an idea of the pest issues you have been facing and gain an understanding of the garbage storage strategy you currently have.

From there, we can scout out a good location for your enclosure, and provide you with an estimate, outlining the total cost of your installation.

We will also take this time to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Creating Outdoor Storage for Garbage

Our garbage pail fence enclosures are typically built on a 4x6 foot area. They are completely fenced around the perimeter using some of the industry’s most trusted materials. A gate will be included in the design for easy access.

We will line the bottom of your storage enclosure using paving stone, which is easy to manage and keep clean.

Our units are governed by the homeowner’s association and will be custom designed to suit the needs of your property.

Trust Our Garbage Storage Experts

For many years our team has been helping homeowners protect their property against pest invasion through responsible waste management. When you trust our experts, you can expect:

  • Detailed consultations
  • Accurate quotes
  • Quick and seamless installations
  • Use of the best materials
  • Friendly service
  • Transparent pricing

Invest in a Garbage Fence Enclosure Today

Fortify your home against pest intrusion by developing a responsible waste storage plan with Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service. Our fence enclosures are trusted by dozens of property owners and will bring you the protection you need at a price you can afford.

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