Lawn Mowing Services in Cumberland

Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service is the one-stop shop in Cumberland for season-long lawn mowing services. Our company owns and operates an impressive fleet of state-of-the-art mowers. We trim residential and commercial turf to perfection—no matter the acreage.

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The Premier Grass Cutting Service

We are a local business committed to doing business the right way. To us, this means tailor-made lawn care programs, quick turnaround times, affordable rates, and upfront quotes.

When you need a start-to-finish quality mow, choose the company that is wholly devoted to their clients’ expectations. Choose Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Risk-Free Mowing Service Quotes

Are you tired of spending your valuable time trying to stay on top of your fast-growing grass? Book a no-obligation consultation with us and find out how much time you can save by outsourcing your lawn mowing tasks.

For every inquiry that comes our way, we offer non-committal, on-site visits. That’s right, without a single commitment on your part, we’ll send a landscaper to your doorstep to discuss your needs in-depth.

Based on what you tell us about your preferences, schedule, and budget, we’ll develop a customized mowing schedule. Once we’ve answered all your questions about what the service will entail, we’ll present you with a full cost breakdown of what your final invoice will look like.

No smoke and mirrors. Just a fair quote for a fantastic service.

Quality Lawn Cutting Service

For Sky-High Curb Appeal

A well-kept lawn goes a long way. When your grass is clean-cut and healthy, you know you’re putting your best face forward. Our pros are lawn mowing champions. We use high-quality, razor-sharp blades and time-tested strategies. We only mow when your grass is the right height during growing season—any more or less could damage your turf. Benefit from a gorgeous, green yard without the work. Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service is at your service all season long.

Commercial Grass Mowing Service

From restaurants to college campuses, we’re the number one grass cutting company for all sorts of properties. Our many well-staffed teams and top-of-the-line machinery enables us to cover more ground, faster. What’s more, we offer our commercial clients unmatched flexibility. You can choose whether you want a long-term contract with us or prefer to re-assess your operations after the season.

Residential Lawn Mowing Service

Homeowners love our time-saving mowing plans. Our services free up your schedule as few other things can. With our crew regularly cutting your grass, you don’t have to worry about weekends wasted or post-vacation chores. Whether you’re at home or away, you can use your time as you please with the assurance that we’re monitoring and cutting your grass to perfection, week after week.

Call the Lawn Mowing Masters

Do away with the hot summer hassle of mowing your lawn. Choose Tony's Lawn Yard & Garden Service to upkeep your yard for you. You’re sure to love our competitive rates and enjoy the time we save.

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